Friday, May 28, 2010

Another thing that is good

Max Andersson is another favorite of mine, but let me get a little critical, or "lame" on you for a minute.

One of my favorite things about Andersson is how black and inky he is, with a lot of attention to line quality and design. Pixy starts off a bit overly rendered, but as it goes along, it gets down to the nice graphic figuration and bold lines with weird bits of texture that I feel would go on to charactive the best aspects of his work. However, this is what the American cover looks like.

Bleh. I feel that most cartoonists are really awful painters. Don't get me wrong, there are some exceptions, like a few Chris Ware paintings I've seen, and some scattered Robert Williams'. But look at this French edition of Pixy.

Everything that's good about the book right on the cover, with some eye-catching use of flat color, and an excellent sense of design. Why can't America get stuff like this right?

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